Customs Inspection

The implementation of infrastructure work for the inspection devices at the Egyptian customs is currently underway. The project holds significant strategic importance as it covers 8 different governorates, namely Port Said, the Red Sea, Alexandria, Aswan, among others. It includes all necessary construction and finishing works and will be delivered in its entirety

El Salum Inspection Gateway

The construction of El Salum Inspection Gateway for a border crossing adjacent to Salum port is currently in progress. The total area of the project spans over 13,500 square meters and encompasses the following: the erection of a fence wall that extends over 850 meters, the construction of an administrative building, and a service building. The project also includes infrastructure works for X-ray examination equipment and general site works


The project was implemented as a participation in HAYA KARIMA initiative, the National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Countryside, Alleviating the burden of citizens in communities most in need in the countryside and slums in urban areas.

The project consists of:

  • A 220 sqm fire station El-Shaikh Ebada village
  • A 540 sqm bus stop in El Rawda village
  • A 370 sqm market in El Rawda village
  • A 600 sqm bus stop in Dayr Al Barsha village
  • A 670 sqm market in Dayr Al Barsha village

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