ABS School

The school was designed to accommodate a maximum density of students in the 5-and-growing system. It contains 70 classrooms at various stages, with a total number of students exceeding 1617. Additionally, it has been designed to accommodate 100 classrooms in the future, based on a ministerial decision that allows for a 20% increase in student numbers after the school is operational.

American Creativity Academy

Our school design aims to increase the educational program by 15% through various measures. We plan to increase the number of core academic and elective classes to provide students with a wider range of educational opportunities. Additionally, we will separate circulation for each grade to prevent distractions and disruptions from other classes. We will renovate all exterior facades without demolishing any parts of the building by using high-quality exterior cladding and aluminum louvers. These materials will not only enhance the functionality of the building but also improve its aesthetic appeal

The Egyption Academy For Polygraph Sciences

The Egyptian Academy of Polygraphic Sciences building was completed turnkey, from construction to furnishings and electromechanical works, with landscape also designed and implemented. The academy is the first of its kind in Egypt and Africa, with a total floor area of over 1000 square meters.


The Institute for Intelligence and Security Studies building in Nasr City was renovated and expanded with two additional buildings to accommodate over a thousand students. The project was completed in record time, taking only six months from start to finish. The total area of the project is 8000 square meters, with a total floor area of 6000 square meters. The construction, furnishings, and electromechanical works were all completed on time and delivered turnkey. Additionally, the landscape were designed, implemented, and maintained for a year.

El-Sharaawy School

The Shaarawy School for Basic Education project has been implemented and is affiliated with the Educational Buildings Authority in Giza Governorate. The school consists of a ground floor and four typical floors with an area of 400 square meters for each floor, totaling 2000 square meters. The entire project was delivered from construction to finishing.

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